Chairman speech

Guangdong Haomei New Material Co., Ltd. rose in Guangdong, China, and developed and expanded in the tide of reform and opening up. Thanks to the policy of enriching the people of the party and the government, and the strong support and care of leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life, Haomei now stands out in the increasingly fierce market competition and keeps pace with the times in the trend of global economic integration.

Haomei in development adheres to the spirit of hard work and pioneering spirit: in line with the business philosophy of honesty and sincerity, from small to large, from scratch, step by step, has gone through many years of ups and downs. We have successively passed ISO9001 quality certification and international certification, and become the first national inspection free brand in the same industry. In 2004, we were selected as the first brand of quality and reputation in the large-scale public welfare activities of the first China market product consumption satisfaction survey. However, the pursuit is never-ending. On the way to the future, haomeiren is full of confidence and meets the challenges. In the process of constantly improving themselves, haomeiren will continue to write a greater glory of the Chinese national industry.

Open Haomei adheres to the cultural essence of people-oriented, with broad and inclusive mind, adopts the advantages of all families, and accepts elites from all over the world. No matter the ability or the position, as long as you work hard, you can feel the humanistic care in Haomei, find your own position in Haomei, and display your talents and realize your value in Haomei. Because of this, today's Haomei is full of talents and talents, which provides continuous power for the sustainable innovation and development of enterprises.

Looking back on the eventful years, full of pride: looking forward to the grand vision, beautiful. In the great cause of economic take-off and national rejuvenation, Haomei will, as always, be realistic and innovative, constantly improve itself while providing better and better products for the society, and become an excellent enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, market competitiveness and modern management system.

Board Chairman :  Dong Weifeng