Official announcement! Haomei will present a warm gift on New Year’s Eve, and we will make an appointment with you tomorrow!

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2020 Starts Lucky Fortune 

2020 Happy New Year

In the new year, everything grows, and everything is renewed

Be sure to be successful every year, be happy every year


New Year's Eve

Light up the 2020 New Year's Bell

The long-awaited Chinese New Year Gala

Finally, the mystery is about to be revealed.


Happy New Year

Lucky draw + hot dinner party

You deserve it!

Today "package" multiple surprises

Everything you want to see, hear, and know is all here

Part One: When? where?

Time: January 18, 2020 (the twenty-fourth of the new year)

16:30 Admission

17:30 officially started

Venue: Haomei New Materials Football Stadium

The second round: lucky draw

Ladies and gentlemen

You can get a Spring Festival gift on the spot when you enter the venue!

lottery draw

Lucky prizes are waiting for you

Double Draw Chance

waiting for you to come to the jackpot

Highlight below


The third bomb: exciting program + hot pot feast

I want to see it at the Haomei Spring Festival Gala

Youthful energy, festive tradition, or a warm and cozy program?

Craving for hot hotpot?

satisfy you

Arrange all


busy for a year

finally can relax

Reunited with all the Haomei family members

Warm gift on New Year’s Eve, a feast of gratitude!

Accompanied by every flavor of the year

follow every expectation

On January 18th, we will promise you!