Follow the footsteps of the ancestors and carry forward the revolutionary spirit--The red journey of Haomei Party members

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From July 25th to 26th, 2020, the party branch of Guangdong Haomei New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Haomei Party Branch) organized the company's party members, cadres, probationary party members and activist representatives to go to Honghai Bay Development Zone and Shanwei City Red tourism demonstration sites such as the Red Palace and Red Square in Haifeng County carry out visiting, learning and educational activities.


The first stop: Honghai Bay Development Zone--Red Village Visit and Study

Red culture is an important part of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics. It contains rich revolutionary spirit and profound historical and cultural connotations, and carries the original aspiration and mission of Chinese Communists. At the first stop, members of the Haomei New Materials Party Branch visited the red learning bases such as the former site of the Red Guards and the former site of the Farmers Association in Dongwei Village, and felt the rural tourism and red village elements of Dongwei Village in the Honghai Bay Development Zone.


Red Bay Red Culture and Education Base——Photography


Visiting the former site of the farmers association - shooting

The second stop: There are two Red Squares in the world: one in Moscow and one in Haifeng.

On the 26th, members of the Party branch of Haomei New Materials visited the red education bases in Shanwei, such as the Red Palace, the Former Residence of Peng Pai & Dequ Bookstore.


The Red Palace and Red Square in Haifeng County, Shanwei City and the preserved revolutionary cultural relics are like a magnificent chapter in the history of the revolution.

The Red Palace and Red Square are the historical witness of the Chinese Soviet revolution in the Hailufeng Revolutionary Base of Guangdong.


The commentator explained the Haifeng Peasant Movement and the history of the revolution, so that the members of Haomei New Material had a deeper understanding of the revolutionary ancestor Peng Pai.


【Seriously visit and study, and listen to the stories of party history】

The third stop: Peng Pai's former residence & Dequ Bookstore --- "Listen to the stories of the party history, stick to the original mission"

In the former residence of Peng Pai, the guide introduced the life of Comrade Peng Pai and the deeds of Comrade Peng Pai and his relatives who shed blood for the Chinese revolution. Infected and shocked. The former residence of Peng Pai is the witness of the peasant movement and revolutionary history in Haifeng.

The fourth stop: Xinshan Village --- a revolutionary hot spot, pay tribute to the heroic deeds

The revolutionary spirit has also been passed down from generation to generation in this red hot land, and it will last for a long time.

Peng Pai, the pioneer of the peasant movement, once promoted and launched the peasant movement in Xinshan Village. The majority of villagers enthusiastically joined the revolution, and there have been widely praised and touching stories such as "one family of seven heroes" and "father and son three martyrs". The history of heroes has made Johor Bahru a veritable red village. Party members of Haomei New Materials came here to visit and study, pay tribute to the deeds of heroes, and feel the red spirit of Xinshan Village.

A monument and a memorial hall are an ideological education and a history textbook; the learning activities of party members during this red tour were profound and moving, and made all party members realize that "a generation has a mission for each generation".

All members of Haomei New Materials Party Branch will not forget their original aspirations and keep in mind their mission! Actively carry out party member education activities, unify the active leadership role of party members into practical actions, arm the mind with the latest theoretical achievements of the party, solve work problems, and inject red power into the organization!