Good news | Haomei won the title of "Top Ten Competitive Real Estate Suppliers in China in 2020"

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The "2020 China Real Estate Annual Procurement Summit and Selected Suppliers Innovation Achievement Exhibition" was grandly held in Shanghai with the theme of "purchasing new value and building a new living together". The summit was jointly organized by Mingyuan Cloud and Zhongcheng Liancai. It attracted more than 2,000 selected suppliers and industry leaders from real estate companies to gather together to discuss the innovation and reform of the real estate supply chain. Haomei New Materials won the "2020 The title of "Top Ten Competitiveness of Chinese Real Estate Suppliers of the Year".


"China's Top 10 Real Estate Competitive Suppliers" is an authoritative and widely influential industry evaluation activity in China. The election is based on real voting data, comprehensive analysis of the company's market performance, customer satisfaction, and end-user feedback, etc., and gives a comprehensive And true evaluation.


Representatives of Haomei New Materials (first from the left) came to the stage to receive the award

Haomei New Material won this honor, which is not only the recognition of Haomei New Material's product quality, innovative service, market reputation, etc. Development affirmation and encouragement.


As a benchmark enterprise in the aluminum profile industry, Haomei New Materials has never forgotten its original intention, adhered to the mission of "making every piece of aluminum more valuable", and successfully established a sound innovation and research and development system, which not only provided a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Haomei New Materials Source power continues to provide high-quality products and services to our customers.