With the advent of a new era of construction, the application of aluminum formwork has become a new outlet

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In recent years, with the promotion of green buildings, aluminum formwork has followed the trend and developed strongly in the field of construction, gradually replacing wooden formwork, ushering in an explosion; at the same time, its application scope has gradually expanded, extending from civil buildings to public buildings, and subways Projects such as tunnels and tunnels have also begun to use aluminum formwork, and domestic large-scale real estate companies such as Poly, Vanke and Country Garden have all used it on a large scale, and the aluminum formwork industry has gradually formed a complete construction system.


The reason why the aluminum formwork industry has experienced explosive growth in recent years is mainly due to its advantages in product performance, technology application and economic cost.

NO.1 performance advantage

Aluminum formwork is lighter in weight than all-steel formwork, easy to assemble and turn around, and the effect of structural forming is also very good. Aluminum templates have been successfully promoted in Europe, America and other countries for more than ten years, and aluminum templates have also been widely used in Hong Kong and Macao in my country.


The application of aluminum alloy formwork in practice: the sunshade on the roof of the swimming pool, the workshop of the chemical industry and other industries, the stadium (Bird's Nest). The Toyota Museum abroad, the arenas of the University of Connecticut and the University of Hawaii, and the Bell Arena are all examples of practical application of aluminum alloy formwork in real life.


NO.2 Technology application advantages

Due to the light weight of the aluminum formwork and the good conditions for the formwork to withstand pressure, it is very convenient for mechanized and rapid construction of concrete; the standard slab plus partial non-standard slabs, and the technology of numbering the non-standard slabs, the same The standard plates of the components can be mixed, which makes the assembly faster; the aluminum formwork is easier to operate when disassembling and assembling, and the disassembly and installation are faster; the formwork is fixed with pins, and the installation Also much more convenient.


Because of the early demolition design, the formwork of the horizontal members can be removed after 36 hours. The formwork is installed with a multi-level operation platform that is easy to move to ensure the safety of the workers during the installation and disassembly of the formwork; the concrete surface quality of the aluminum formwork is very good after removal. According to the planned construction, it can ensure that the formwork is installed flat and firm, and the surface of the concrete can achieve the effect of clear-faced concrete.

NO.3 Economic and cost advantages

Unlike the wooden formwork, the aluminum formwork can only be deformed once it is used. In contrast, the aluminum formwork is used more times. It has obvious advantages in the construction of super high-rise buildings with high storeys. After calculation, as long as a set of all-aluminum formwork is used more than 50 times, the cost will be the same as the amortized unit price of the traditional wood formwork.

Another advantage is that it saves the construction period and reduces the rent of large equipment. Compared with other templates, aluminum templates have many advantages such as convenience and speed. The aluminum formwork saves an average construction period of two days per floor during the construction of the structural layer of this project.


The project using aluminum formwork can save a lot of cost on the surface layer without plastering. The effect of the structural surface can indeed achieve the effect of fair-faced concrete. When it comes to the stage of decoration, the process of plastering and leveling can be omitted on the interior wall. In terms of quality, it directly eliminates the common problems of hollowing and cracks in the interior wall plastering.


After the updating of formwork materials such as wood, steel, bamboo, and plastic, aluminum formwork, as a new fifth-generation building formwork material, has become the new favorite of the formwork industry with its unique advantages.

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