4.16 World Noise Day | Noise Era--Would you pay for "silence"?

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Living in a quiet and orderly environment is the pursuit of people's living environment. Noise has become one of the troubles that plague our lives. April 16th is World Noise Day Let's find out!


Noise is "hurt to the body", second only to air pollution

Different from the three recognized urban pollutions of water, air and solid waste, noise is a sensory public nuisance and cannot be treated centrally. Mainly manifested in the absence of pollutants, the impact of pollution is not long-lasting, not accumulated, and the source of noise is scattered. It can be seen that noise pollution has become a "dead corner" among many pollutions. Many people may not understand how harmful noise is to human beings. In fact, noise pollution is more harmful to human body than imagined.

What sound is 60 decibels equivalent to? According to the feelings brought by the sound decibel to the human body:


40-60 decibels: A quieter normal environment, usually in a library or reading room.

60-70 decibels: affect sleep and rest, normal physiological functions are affected, and the volume of general vehicles.

70-100 decibels: Interfering with life, upset, lack of concentration, reduced work efficiency and even accidents.

100-120 decibels: unbearable, temporary deafness within a few minutes. The chainsaw is working, and the volume of general household audio equipment is the highest.

Above 170 decibels: Ambient sound levels can cause death.

It can be seen that the sound of 60 decibels is in the middle of the decibels of noise and normal sound, which is basically the lowest standard of the noise range.

If people are exposed to high noise environment for a long time, it will cause diseases of the cardiovascular system, such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and the incidence rate is 2 to 3 times higher than that of ordinary people. In addition, noise will also have a certain impact on visual organs, endocrine functions and normal development of the fetus.

Where is the noise pollution source?

Noise pollution generally includes industrial noise, construction noise, traffic noise, commercial noise, social life noise, etc. Baidu data shows that more than 46.8% of urban noise comes from social life, that is to say, social life noise is noise pollution The biggest "culprit", rather than the recognized traffic noise.


These social noises refer to nothing more than the noise of entertainment venues, the hawking and promotional sounds of businesses, as well as the loud noise of household appliances and the sound of decoration, etc., which are the main sources of social life noise. In addition, there is no doubt that square dancing, etc., is also a "cause of noise". These "invisible killers" bring endless troubles to people's normal life.


In a world where noise is everywhere, a quiet space seems to be a scarce resource in today’s life, so that quietness is also a part of the symbol of comfort and “wealth”: better cars seem to have better sound insulation, houses are farther apart, and doors and windows are sound-proofed It has become a major selling point for real estate developers, with VIP rest areas set up at airports, first-class cabins launched by planes, quiet zone seats, and so on.

2. Select doors and windows with good sound insulation effect

Most of the external noise comes in through the doors and windows, and replacing the doors and windows with good sound insulation can cut off the transmission medium of the noise. It can isolate up to 70%-80% of the noise, while ordinary aluminum alloy single-glazed windows can only isolate 30%-40% of the noise.

The doors and windows of Bucolo system can effectively isolate noise

The doors and windows of the Bucolo system have high-efficiency sound insulation performance. From the overall structure design of doors and windows, profiles, accessories, glass, to seals, etc., systematic research and development testing and rigorous production have been carried out.

3. The curtains should be thicker

Generally speaking, the thicker the curtain, the better the sound absorption effect, and the better the sound absorption effect of fabric decoration and soft decoration. Curtains with good texture can reduce the external noise by 10% - 20%.


4. Replace the aging electrical appliances

The air conditioner in the bedroom, the refrigerator in the living room, these household appliances may be the source of the noise. If it's already interfering with your sleep, it's a good idea to replace the appliance with one that has a silent function.

Focus on healthy life, start from noise isolation!