All-aluminum home customization is frequently being "@", or become a new trend of custom home furnishing!

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Furniture is an indispensable element in our daily life

Through it, we can see a person's quality of life, habits, and living atmosphere.


At the "15th China International Aluminum Processing Summit", industry experts, scholars, and people in the upstream and downstream aluminum industry chains discussed and looked forward to the future development trend and highlights of aluminum consumption.

Which consumer field is expected to become a new application blue ocean in the future?

Frequently being "@" at the All Aluminum Home Furnishing Conference

What is an all-aluminum home? What are the advantages? 

All-aluminum furniture has the advantages of green environmental protection, zero formaldehyde, long durability, and recyclability. With the development of recent years, the functions of all-aluminum furniture are becoming more and more humanized,  applicable, and the strength of individuality is gradually increasing rise.


At the meeting, experts said: From the perspective of national consumption upgrading, population composition, urbanization rate and national policy standards, the development prospects of all-aluminum home furnishing are very optimistic. The gradual growth of national per capita disposable income has led to the improvement of residents' quality of life and consumption level, while residents' higher investment intentions for real estate will drive the demand for all-aluminum home furnishing.

In the "Implementation Plan for the Centralized Government Procurement Catalog of Central Government Organs (2020 Edition)" released at the beginning of this year, the expression "aluminum or aluminum-based furniture" was added to the "office furniture" item notes, and aluminum furniture was included in the centralized procurement. range, which is also a big plus for all aluminum furniture.

Material acquisition of aluminum furniture

As a metal widely distributed in nature, aluminum has light weight, good processing performance and corrosion resistance. Currently, among metal materials, aluminum output is second only to steel.


The natural growth of wood inevitably has some natural defects and defects such as dry cracks, warping, and saw marks caused by drying and machining, which reduce the utilization value of wood. Nowadays, timber resources are becoming increasingly scarce, and the price of solid wood furniture continues to rise.

Artificial synthetic boards such as imitation solid wood and high-density fiberboard need to use a large amount of adhesives containing formaldehyde and benzene in the production process to ensure the strength of the material and the connection performance. These substances are extremely harmful to the human body.


The trend of substituting aluminum for wood has made all-aluminum home customization a rising star. The splicing of all-aluminum furniture is mainly fixed by plugging, welding, and screws. No adhesive is required. Only adhesives are used for European-style carvings. However, the amount of formaldehyde carried by this part is insignificant compared with artificial panels.


With new breakthroughs in aluminum profile technology, all-aluminum home customization will create a new peak in the home and aluminum profile industries. But at present, there is no national standard for all-aluminum furniture, which will restrict the development of the industry. At the meeting, it was suggested that a series of all-aluminum home furnishing standards should be formulated to promote the healthy development of the industry in the future. At the same time, strengthen brand building, increase product added value through branding, and strengthen market competition; and combine 5G, Internet of Things, and big data to develop all-aluminum smart homes and form a one-stop professional service capability of design, production, installation, and after-sales .

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