Jingmei won the National Invention Patent again

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A few days ago, Guangdong King Metal Light Alloy Technology Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Jingmei)  officially obtained the "Certificate of Invention Patent" issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. Compressive and easy-cutting bismuth-containing aluminum alloy and its preparation method. By optimizing the composition ratio and preparation process of the alloy, the aluminum alloy prepared has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties and easy-cutting performance, and has low cost, high extrudability, The advantages of environmental protection. It can be used for pressure components in the automotive, hydraulic equipment and electronics industries, and the instrumentation industry requires precision aluminum alloy structural parts with high surface finish.


Jingmei won the national invention patent Patent No.: ZL 2019 1 0053440.6

The acquisition of the above-mentioned patent certificate is another important technical achievement of Jingjing Special Material in the research and application innovation of high-performance industrial aluminum alloy materials. Jing Jing Special Material will further improve the intellectual property protection system, enrich the company's advanced technology reserve, and improve product technology. Innovation ability, enhance the company's core competitiveness.


Jingmei focuses on the research and development, production, processing and sales of high-end industrial aluminum profiles, forming a complete industrial aluminum profile industry chain from casting, homogenization, mold design and manufacturing, extrusion, surface treatment to deep processing. The produced industrial profiles and products are widely used in automobiles (anti-collision beams, battery trays, shock absorbers, sub-frames, powertrains, etc.), electronic communications (radiators, power systems, electronic appliances, 5G communications, etc.), New infrastructure (charging piles, smart light poles, high-end tents, pedestrian bridges, etc.), high-end equipment, machinery and electronics, etc.