The good news comes frequently! Haomei and Helenbergh Group formally signed a framework agreement on centralized procurement of aluminum alloy profiles

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Recently, the good news of Haomei New Materials has been transmitted again, and it has officially signed a framework agreement for the centralized procurement of aluminum alloy profiles for 2020-2021 with Helenberger Group. The whole bidding process of Helenbergh Group’s aluminum material procurement is rigorous and professional. From the pre-qualification, factory inspection, to bid issuance, Q&A, and bid negotiation, all the aluminum companies participating in the bidding have put forward all-round, High standards are required. In the end, Haomei New Materials reached a strategic cooperation with Helenbergh Group by virtue of its comprehensive strength in the industry, such as competitive supply capacity, product quality control, and perfect pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service systems.



Helenbergh - Living together with you

Helenbergh China Holdings Co., Ltd. ("Helenbergh" for short) is a Chinese real estate developer with a nationwide presence and one of the top 50 Chinese real estate companies. Helenbergh was established in 1998. Since its establishment, it has been adhering to the brand concept of "beautiful coexistence with you", adhering to the strategy of national layout and regional deep cultivation, and has provided high-quality and beautiful living quarters and services to over 600,000 customers.

Haomei ——Make every piece of aluminum more valuable

Haomei (stock code: 002988.SZ) is a large-scale domestic aluminum profile manufacturer integrating professional R&D, manufacturing and sales. After years of development, Haomei New Materials has successfully transformed from a traditional aluminum product enterprise into a national key high-tech enterprise engaged in technological innovation and industrial application of aluminum alloy energy-saving system doors and windows, industrial aluminum profiles, construction aluminum materials, and automotive lightweight materials. Haomei's architectural profiles are widely used in well-known buildings all over the world, especially the 600-meter-high Guangzhou New TV Tower, which is a landmark in Guangzhou, exclusively uses Haomei's aluminum profile products. With a good corporate image and social reputation, Haomei New Materials has been forging ahead in development with the mission of “making every piece of aluminum more valuable”.

Haomei has maintained a stable strategy with the top 100 domestic real estate companies and well-known real estate companies such as Country Garden, Sunac China, Greenland Holdings, CIFI Holdings, R&F Real Estate, Xiangsheng Real Estate, Logan Real Estate, Beijing Capital Land, and Poly Real Estate We will continue to provide high-quality products and services to our customers through cooperation. Therefore, Haomei is full of confidence and expectation for the cooperation with Helenbergh Group, and promises to do every detail well and complete this cooperation with higher quality products and more considerate services.